Sagius is an all-round temporary employment agency for personnel in the fields of logistics, production and technology. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is going on and have the unique ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances. The use of temporary agency workers through Sagius also has the following advantages:


  • Flexible workers;
  • You only pay for the hours worked;
  • A sick employee costs you nothing;
  • Drop out? We arrange replacement;
  • No personnel and payroll administration;
  • No employer obligations;
  • We take care of recruitment and selection;
  • A candidate who fits your organisation perfectly because we listen to your wishes and requirements.

Recruitment and selection

The recruitment and selection of Sagius follows a number of steps.


1.Assessing requirements
Together with you, we assess your labour needs. We analyse the required job and competence profiles and other matters that are of importance to you as a client. We do this based on both hard and soft characteristics.


After we have mapped out your labour needs together, we select the most suitable candidate for you. If no candidate is available, a recruitment assignment will be sent to our recruitment office in Slovakia. We always go for the best match.


3.Selection procedure
This step consists of an intake, a test and a certificate of good conduct (VOG, verklaring omtrent het gedrag). We pay a lot of attention to work experience and education. In addition, motivation and the first impression also form an important part of our judgement. Of course, we also extensively test whether the employee is suitable for the work.


When we have found a suitable candidate, we will provide detailed information about the region and the company where the employee will end up. We also discuss and arrange everything in the field of health insurance, housing, transport to and from work, job coaching and financial settlement. You have almost nothing to worry about.

Competent personnel

Sagius always has the very best temporary agency workers who make the difference for you. In other words, the motivated and skilled people you are looking for. Thanks to our expert attitude, we know how to get the right person in the right place. We listen carefully to your story. In addition, our selection procedure of your temporary agency worker goes beyond just looking at a CV. This ensures:


  • The ideal match between you and the temporary agency worker;
  • Rapid handling. No waste of time;
  • You focus on your core business. We contribute to the achievement of your objectives by providing temporary agency workers.


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