About us

What, how and who

Sagius Uitzenders is a young company, but we actually started as early as 1970. However, not as a temporary employment agency. We did start with our “practical training” as a child. Quite literally, when my parents, Babs and Ad Sagius , started Dactylo Uitzendbureau from a bedroom in our house. They were the first in the Netherlands with a “temporary employment agency at home”. So, I learned the ropes during my upbringing, just like my partner Ralph Righton (picture left), with whom I started Sagius Uitzenders. He, too, came into contact with the temping profession at an early age (when he had to move to the attic at the age of ten because his bedroom was transformed into a Dactylo branch.).


In short, we grew up together with Dactylo. We both managed various branches and regions and set up branches.  Also abroad, when we were one of the first Dutch temporary employment agencies to bring in our professionals from Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.


Now, since 2009, we have been using the experience we have gained for our own company. And, of course, for you too! We are now recruiting your candidates in the Netherlands, but also in Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. For these candidates, we take care of the administration, but also housing in the Netherlands and transport to your work location. Our clients are technical, logistical and production companies throughout the Netherlands. We do this with success and above all with great pleasure!

Working with us

Sagius Uitzenders is not an average temporary employment agency. Our clients are enterprising organisations in logistics, production or technology, often with a 24/7 culture. We do not work from our office in Zoetermeer in a standard nine to five manner. If you want to become a member of a skilled, hardworking team in a collegial atmosphere, remember that we are looking for people who:


  1. are not afraid of some hectic work;
  2. are interested in varied, dynamic work;
  3. want to help a customer at all costs;
  4. are able to work independently after some supervision;
  5. function excellently in a team context;
  6. assume their responsibilities;
  7. preferably have experience in the temporary employment sector (SEU certificate is an advantage);
  8. have a good mood in every situation.


If you recognise yourself in the above description and are looking for a job, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

News Releases


On 8 December, we will probably hear from Prime Minister Rutte that the current measures will remain in force until mid-January.

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Despite the pandemic, Sagius remains busy. Many logistics and production companies continue their efforts unabated and sometimes even harder than ever.

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