Production Worker – BMW X1,X2 a MINI Cooper

Sagius Uitzenders BV



Type of employment


Job type


39 hours

Wage conditions (gross)

€16,73 - € per hour

€2900 - € per month

VDL Nedcar Nedcar is an experienced Dutch car manufacturer that has been making cars for 50 years. Since the founding of the company, it has been producing cars for Volvo, DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi and currently also for BMW. In July 2014, production of the MINI Hatch began. The MINI Cabrio was added to this model in 2015 and the Mini Countryman in 2016, whose model is also produced in the PHEV variant. Since 2017, VDL Nedcar has also been producing the BMW X1.
Location: Born, Netherlands
Position: Production Worker
The job is possible in the following positions:
Assembly line production worker
The paint / paint department (it can be gluing parts that should not be painted, on-site repair for experienced painters, forging) does not require all the experience, but the willingness to work in such a department is important, due to paint fumes.
Body (preparation of steel parts into the mold before robotic welding) and all other work
Forklift / reach truck driver (we can help you obtain a certificate if you have experience but do not have a license)
Order picking, these can be small parts for the assembly line
Frame driver E, you must have a driver’s license B. The trolley is driven around the factory with selected parts for the assembly line
3.Quality department
Inspector of final products, you must have a driver’s license B, you drive in a car on a test strip, you go through it with a car wash, a hearing test, a visual test for scratches, etc … Very simple and nice work for a serious man / woman with a driver’s license
Curriculum vitae in English or German with photo. Ability to communicate in English / German at a higher level. To get started, you must attend an online test and click meeting, and then the company will assign you a position in one of the departments.
Communication in English or German required!
A category B driving license is also a requirement.
20 years: 12.96 + 15% shift fee + 7.36% ADV = € 16
21 years: 13.14 + 15% shift fee + 7.36% ADV = € 15.11
22 years: 13.47 + 15% shift fee + 7.36% ADV = € 15.49
23 years: 13.55 + 15% shift fee + 7.36% ADV = € 16.73 gross per hour
€ 106.50 gross / weekly
Work :
Working hours per day are 7.84h / 39.2h per week. Working hours depend on shifts, overtime on Saturdays will be possible from September and is paid compared to 150%
Working time :
FAS / delivery 2 pl dd 06.00 – 14.35
FAS / delivery 2 pl md 14.30 – 23.05
Body / color 2 pl dd 06.25 – 15.00
Body / color 2 pl md 14.55 – 23.30
Employee benefits
– Dutch employment contract
– 24 days of paid leave per year
– payouts weekly – only on your own bank account!
– secured coordinator services
– secured accommodation / subsidized
– secured means of transport from accommodation to work and back
– the registration of the so – called "tax number in the Netherlands" is handled by the employer
– Registration for compulsory statutory health insurance in the Netherlands is processed by the employer upon arrival
– Advice on travel to the Netherlands
– our agency does not charge any placement fees before or after leaving for the Netherlands